Executive Coaching

Coaching is a powerful means for developing both personally and professionally. Working with a coach enables you to continuously learn and change the way you lead or manage which in turn serves your team and the organization. Whether you are an executive of a large organization or a manager of a department, coaching will help deepen insights into yourself and others. People who are coached report feeling they have expanded their capacity to lead; they feel more engaged in their work.

Leadership Development

A great deal of useful research has been done on leadership, but to truly integrate leadership concepts and ideals into practice takes time and more than leadership books and going to a class or workshop. A leader has to integrate concepts into all their interactions. As a coach, I provide support to increase your chance of success.

Team Coaching

The complexity of today’s organizations makes it vital that we collaborate with others to get the job done. Teamwork is essential for organizational success, however, getting teams to cooperate and make good decisions is a challenge. One of the most valuable services I offer is coaching teams, assisting them in a way that fosters effectiveness and productivity. Team coaching enhances a group’s understanding of their dynamics and provides an opportunity to experience a real breakthrough.

Emotional Intelligence

How leaders handle their emotions and how well they handle others is as important as skills and knowledge. People with a high Emotional Intelligence, or EI, excel at leadership through a combination of awareness of their emotions while also sensing others’ emotions and managing relationships. Within EI, there are other related competencies such as self-confidence, transparency, the ability to influence and develop others. EI is often a predictor of leadership success. The good news is emotional intelligence, unlike an IQ, can be developed.