Organizational Development

As an organizational development consultant, my role is to expand your knowledge of the dynamics and increase the effectiveness of people and your organization. My training is in Organizational Psychology and Leadership. I work holistically, looking first at the situation before presuming to know what is needed. Consulting allows time for an assessment of your current situation with the larger system in mind, striving to get at the root causes so that solutions are targeted to helping management achieve goals. Together, we will define the outcomes you seek and bring about meaningful organizational change.

Change Management

To be sustainable and grow, organizations need to keep pace with the changing environment both outside and within. Today’s workforce must be agile, flexible, and ready to meet ever-changing demands quickly, confidently, and seamlessly. Management must understand how organizations change, and have strategies for dealing with resistance.

Change may require retraining, retooling, and restructuring; continuously measuring, addressing feedback loops and making adjustments. Having a coach or consultant alongside management can provide the expertise and support needed to stay the course.

Organizational Culture

Statistics tell us 75 percent of change efforts fail. The most often cited reason is not that the company did not try hard enough. Rather, the change effort did not address the culture below the surface. Change is more successful when approached at deeper levels. To change a culture requires first uncovering what the current culture is, articulating the kind of culture desired, and then addressing the gaps. This initiative requires a commitment to ongoing organizational work.